Satsang with Om Baba

24Dec14 – Rishikesh

The word Christ comes from the Greek ‘Christòs’, that means “The Chosen One”.
Generally speaking, people say that He is the One who had been chosen by God to fulfill a certain task.
But was He the Chosen One, or was He the One who had chosen God?
Was He chosen by God, or He had chosen God?
I believe, most probably the second. Or perhaps you can say that both of these things are one and the same. The one who chooses his Divine Nature, who chooses the God within him, we can say that he is also chosen by God. It is a mutual relationship.
There are people that choose God a little bit, in their free time, on their spare time.
For some people God is one of the many-many choices (when I use the word God I mean The Truth of their Being, their own Truth).
So for some people Truth is one out of many-many everyday choices, it is just one more choice, when they have free time.
And for some people their Divine nature, God, is their one and only choice!
They chose that and then they feel: “Now, I don’t need something else. Now I am fulfilled, I need only this. Only and only this. Exclusively.”.
And Jesus Christ was one of these examples. We can say an archetype.
An archetype of a Spiritual Seeker, an archetype of a Devotee.
It doesn’t matter if His story was something true, if His story was a little bit different than as we know, if his story was partially true. It doesn’t matter if He is a symbolical figure, or if He is a true historical figure. It doesn’t matter at all.
But He truly represents a very powerful archetype that is inside everyone of us.
The archetype of the One who had chosen fully the Truth of His Being.
He was not interested in anything else, including His own physical body. He was ready to sacrifice it in any moment. Any moment that God, or that Life, somehow, wanted His body, He was ready to give it. He was ready to share anything He had.
One time he was sitting up on the mountain, He was sharing Satsang, and there were five thousands people on this mountain, and the night came. And His disciples said to Him: “Oh Lord, now we are going to send the people back home”, and Jesus Christ said: “No, first you have to feed them, then they can go back home”. This is very traditional indian thinking, very beautiful! This is perhaps a clue that He was in India.
So, the disciple said: “Oh Master, we have only three breads and five fishes, how are we going to feed five thousands people?”. Jesus Christ said: “Give them to me!”. He took them, and touched them, and blessed them and said a prayer and then he distributed the food to His own disciples, and His own disciples distributed what they have with more people, and they also distributed and shared with more people.
At the end all five thousands people were fully fed, and twelve barrels full of food remained.
It was a choice of Jesus Christ… He didn’t say: “Oh we have only this bread and these few fishes, we are twelve so one piece of for each one of us.” No, He said: “Whatever I have I share with everyone, it will be sufficient”. His Faith did the Miracle.
The very same story – maybe you believe it is a legend, like a fairytale that symbolizes something…perhaps it is, but I have experienced with my own eyes the very same story, when I was at the Service of Maharajji. When He was feeding in Allahabad nine thousands people every day, and He had nothing. Nine thousand people! The kitchen was close to my room, a very small kitchen, and just few people inside cooking. And for three times per day
nine thousand people were taking full food of the best quality, not just rice, very good food, stuffed chapatis, very good food… every day! And big quantity would remain, they would give it to the cows! Every day for eighteen days!
Maharajji had some very serious assistants, secretaries, people that were working sometimes in the bank or in the government, very serious people, and true devotees, and they were trying to keep records, the accounts: this money came, this money went out.
After very short time they were just giving up, it was making no sense. The mathematics were not working, maybe a thousand rupies would come and the expenses were one hundred thousands rupies and still they were remaining five hundred rupies, they could not explain.
This is true! It is not symbolical. It can be symbolical, if you like, it can be a legend, but it is also a true story.
Jesus Christ has chosen to become empty Himself, completely empty. He has chosen to become nothing, so that God would come and fill Him up. Then everything is possible, and nothing is impossible. Then we live a Life of Miracles, a Life full of Miracles.
Jesus Christ had chosen.
To me the word Christ doesn’t mean ‘the One who was chosen’,
it means ‘the One who had chosen’.
He had chosen.
When Jesus Christ went in the desert, they say only for forty days, perhaps for forty months or something, when He went to the desert and he did very extreme austerities, and he tried to focus inside His very Being – there the story goes that the Devil came to Him.
And from where the Devil came? Was he hidden behind the bushes? The Devil came from the inside. He was inside all the time. He is inside everyone of us all the times.
We call him The Devil, what means The Devil? It means very ancient urges, desires, fears, very ancient worries, we can call it The Devil.
So, as He entered deep into His Being, He encountered the Devil. And Jesus Christ was very hungry, for forty days He had not taken any food because he wanted to really dive deep inside His Being. And so the Devil told Him: “Now you have become very powerful! A very powerful Yogi! You have succeded! Look around, it is full of stones and you are so hungry. Just by one word of yours the stones will become bread and you can eat. Just say the word and I will do it for you!”.
Jesus said: “Indeed I am very very hungry, but I am not hungry for bread, I am hungry for the Truth of my Being, and the hunger that I have can not be satisfied, can not be satiated with bread, my hunger can be satiated only by the Word of God, by the Darshan of God, by the Touch of God, this is the only thing I want, this alone can satisfy my hunger”.
And the Devil took the form of many temptations, like ordinary things that people desire, or that people are afraid of, ordinary things, he took the form of all of them.
And he said to Jesus Christ: “Just worship me, and I will give you all of that, I will give you whatever you want! Just worship and fall to my feet and I will give you all that you want!”
And Jesus Christ was not moved at all.
His determination, his choice, was clear. His attention was one pointed.
He said: “Go away Devil! I am not interested in any of these things, you can have all these things, you can have the nice food and the pretty girls, and all these things you can keep for yourself. I have no interest. I want only the Truth of my Being, only that!”
And after the Devil had tested Him, and realized that Jesus Christ was unshakable, then he left Him.
And Jesus Christ came back to the world and He started teaching, He started sharing.
First, He realized the Truth of His Being through a very sincere determination, through a one pointed determination, through a clear choice. He realized the Truth of His Being, and, after this, He came out to the world, to share this.
Then the story goes that He did many Miracles, that He healed many, that He opened the eyes to the blind people, that He healed those who were paralyzed, that He took out the Devil from some people.
All this can be a beautiful symbolism, if you like, this is the way a Master works, how a healer works, how even a good person works.
And don’t think He knew some special spells, or special mantras to take out the Devil from the people… No, He didn’t. His Presence alone was sufficient, just His Presence.
But the greatest of all the Miracles that He did… He did a few great Miracles, but one of the greatest was His choice, His perfectly clear choice.
Like: “I choose alone the Truth of my Being, I choose God alone, nothing else”.
This is a very great Miracle, an essential Miracle!
This is something that we can do, and what happens after this is out of our hands, what happens after this happens by itself.
In that moment, when we stay at that crossroad between the Truth of our Being and the illusionary beauty of the Samsāra of the world, this is our choice!
After we enter in the Truth of our Being, then we don’t need to do any other choice, everything happens by itself. Then we become free from the burden of choice – we can say that to make that choice is the last choice, the ultimate choice.
If we stay inside the Samsāra, if we stay inside the Dream, inside the Illusion, we have to make choices all the time, many many choices every day – we have to choose.
When we give up this labyrinth, this confusion, and we choose the Truth of our Being, and, somehow, we cultivate that contact, we cultivate this connection, we make it stronger, we make it more free, more open, more intimate, then we become free from the burden of choice.
To choose the Truth of our Being is the ultimate choice, the last choice.
And that person that makes that choice we can call Him Christ.
He is not necessarily the chosen One, but He is the One who has chosen the One Truth.
Jesus Christ, He knew about the way He was going to leave His body, He knew about His tortures, He could see His future – nothing special for a Spiritual person. He could see His upcoming pain, He could see that. He knew He would be crucified, He knew He would be betrayed. He knew everything.
He knew also that He had no choice concerning that. And because He knew that He had no choice concerning that, because He had left behind the illusion of choice, because He knew there was no choice concerning that, He went into it bravely, without fear, fearlessly!
Jesus Christ was in the Garden of Gethsemani, for one moment He was a little bit worried, a little bit scared, and He felt down to the ground and He prayed to His Father: “Oh Lord, may I don’t drink from this bitter glass”.
But then immediately He remembered: “Oh I can not have some choice. May Your Will be fulfilled, may Your choice happen. Whatever is Your choice I accept fully, whatever is Your choice this I support, may that happen!”.
He could very easily run away, he could very easily escape.
Just a few moments before, Peter told Him: “Oh come Master! Let’s go high, up in the mountains, they will not find us”.
And Jesus said to him: “Oh Devil go away! Because you want your will to be fulfilled, but I want the Divine Will to be fulfilled! Do not tempt me!”
So, in this way, when we enter in this very deep, profound connection with our Divine Nature, somehow, fear disappears, choice disappear, there are no fears anymore, perhaps the only fear that exist is that maybe we will loose this connection, this is the only fear possible, this might be a fear, but fear from the things of the world does not exist.
If the Divine Will wants me to do this, even something very unpleasant, “Yes, I will do it, immediately!”.
Sometimes the Divine Will asks for something very unreasonable, very unconventional, that’s why the Saints, many times, they act a little bit like crazy people, we can not understand, they act and speak in inexplicable ways – sometimes is like this.
When one stays in connection with his True Nature, and sees without fear Life unfolding, he is always One with the Bliss of his Being, whatever happens outside.
Even if the body is in pain, he has deep inner peace.
Even if there is a thunderstorm happening in the mind, there is a very deep inner peace.
There is a beautiful story, written by a very famous greek writer, Nikos Kazantzakis, it is called “The Last Temptation”, it is also a very popular movie by Martin Scorsese, very crazy and very popular movie, where Jesus Christ was tempted not to be crucified. It is a very interesting story, I will tell it in my own way:
Jesus Christ, in the last moment, decided not to be crucified. The Devil came in the form of a very beautiful young child, and said to Him: “What are you doing here? Why are you going through all that pain?”.
And Jesus Christ said: “Who are you?”
The Devil said: “I am your Angel Guide! Come, I will show you the path to Happiness. You have been in so much pain, in so much suffering…enough with it! God does not want us to suffer, God wants us to be happy!”. He was speaking very intelligent expressions, he was very wicked.
Jesus Christ said: “Ok I come, I follow my Angel Guide!”.
And the child took Him by the hand and he brought Him to a very beautiful forest.
And Jesus Christ said: “Such a beautiful place, I have never seen in my life, I was always living in the desert – this place is so beautiful!”
And then, in the forest, there was a very beautiful lady, she was followed by many people, all singing, and celebrating.
And Jesus Christ said: “Who is that lady?”
And the Devil said to Him: “She is your wife!”.
Jesus Christ said: “My wife?”
“Yes, you have been through so much pain, through so many austerities, so many hardships, now God rewards you, this is your wife, come!”.
And they got married. She was actually Maria Magdalena, and they got married, and they had children. And the time passed, and Jesus Christ grew old, and weak. He was living the peaceful life of a householder, He had a very beautiful wife, He had five, six, seven kids, He was a carpenter. He was very old, He was in His last days… and the door knocked.
And inside there came some other old people, and Jesus Christ recognized them, and said: “Peter, is it you? And John, and Matthew? Is it you? What are you doing here?”
And the all of them were terribly sad. Some of them had scars in their face, some of them were very sick, some of them were crying. And they said to Him: ”Oh Master why You left us? You were our only hope to be free from the suffering of Life. We believed in You. We gave up everything we had for You. We gave up everything we had for the Truth of our Being, and we surrendered to You. Why did You leave us?”
And among them, Judas, who was also there, and he was very fiery, he was very angry with Jesus Christ, he said to Him: “Now,
look, we failed to find the Truth of our Being, but You also failed! Now, look, You are an old man, You made family, so what? You had a beautiful wife, now she is not beautiful anymore, she is an old woman. You had many children, so what? Now You are old, and You have five more days to live. And You will die, and You have forgotten God, You have forgotten the Truth of Your Being. You will die as an ignorant man, just like anybody else!”
And Jesus Christ remembered, and He repented. He regretted very very hard. And He cried a lot, saying: “Oh Lord, forgive me! I should have let myself be crucified to keep the connection with You, to give an example to the world, to bring myself in Truth, and bring the other people into Truth, to free the world from suffering, I should have let myself be crucified! Oh Lord may I be crucified! May I be crucified!”
And in that moment, He opened His eyes and He was on the Cross.
It was all a vision – all this was just a dream, the last temptation before he left His body.
Just one moment, because he was in very great pain up on the cross, in very very great pain, He made the wrong choice, and He lived in a dream, for thirty, fourty years, in a vision.
And by having lived that, somehow, He understood that this was the wrong direction, and he came back to the original choice and then He knew, for sure, that He had made the right choice, to give his human body for the sake of Truth, for the sake of His own Truth and for the Truth of the others.
Every single day we have to face that choice.
Will I go for Christhood, will I go for the Truth of my Being,
or will I go for to entertain myself in this illusionary world?
This is a choice that many times we have.
This is perhaps the only choice, the only essential choice.
I suggest to people, again and again, Maharajji was saying to people, again and again:
If you can not chose completely for the Truth of your Being, then chose for at least two hours every day, like negotiate with the little Devil inside. Say: “Two or three hours per day I chose the Truth of my Being exclusively and the rest of the day I can entertain myself in the Cosmic Circus”.
Don’t think anybody of you, “I am still young, I have time, let me enjoy for 10, 15 years more, then I will turn towards Spirituality”…it doesn’t work like that!
We do not have even one day to loose, perhaps it is the last day.
And if some of us are more young and strong, this is the time to practice Spirituality – we have a lot of energy now, we can wake up early in the morning, do very strict discipline, we can proceed, grow very quickly, we can grow very quickly.
Now it is the time for work, material work also, but especially Spiritually work. When we will grow older, then we can relax a little.
All of us here, we are all young enough, we are younger then tomorrow, so don’t loose one more day. Especially these days that we remember Jesus Christ, the One who made the choice 100%.
These days we remember Jesus Christ, the One who made that choice.
These days inspire us to make also a choice, perhaps just for a few days.
Maybe just for today and tomorrow, we can make that choice:
I want to know the Truth of my Being, and nothing else!
Nothing else can satisfy my hunger. Nothing else can please me. Nothing else can fulfill me, nothing else. No food in the world can satisfy my hunger. No enjoyment, I have had so many enjoyments and nothing satisfied my hunger, lifetime after lifetime.

Let me find Enjoyment only inside of me.
Let me find Happiness and Peace exclusively inside of me.
Because in Truth, they exist only inside of me.
Let me find fulfillment inside my own Self.
Let me simply settle in my own Being.
I want to settle in my own Being.
I do not have anything else to do.
I have absolutely no duty.
I have no duty towards anybody, or anything.
This moment I have no duty.
I just want to settle in my own Being.
I do not need to go anywhere.
I do not have any place to go.
Nobody is expecting me.
I am free now.
There is absolutely nothing that I need.
I need nothing from outside.
I do not need an object.
I do not need a person.
I do not need a special place or time.
The place where I stand now is perfect.
This time, right now, it is perfect.
The Peace of my Being is profound.
The Treasure of my own Being is Supreme.
The Treasure of my own Being is the greatest Wealth.
My own True Being is my resting place.
My own True Being is my true friend.
My true companion and my true Beloved.
My own True Being is infinite.
It has no limitations.
It is timeless.
It is indescribable.
My own True Being is my Home.
My own True Being is the Home of the whole Universe.
My own True Being is the nectarine Truth.
My own True Being is the Highest Truth.
My own True Being is the One Truth.
My own True Being is Pure.
My own True Being is my True Self.
Is Who Am I.
To know my True Being,
to stay in my True Being,
to abide in my True Being
that is my choice!

And whoever makes that choice, we can call him Christ.