“We are not little humans looking for the Infinite.
We are the Infinite looking at the little human.”


“Ordinary humans dedicate their lives to improve their worldly experience;
to improve their worldly dream;
to change the dream they have with another dream.
The spiritual man dedicates his life to awaken from his ageless sleep.”


“All the infinite worlds spring out of the Self, are sustained by the Self
and ultimately dissolve in the Self.
And although the Self is the Mother and Father, and the loving protector of all that is,
He is always perfectly free and unattached.”


“What is the difference between attention and awareness?”
“Our attention can be attracted, or repulsed, or attached to something.
The Awareness is never attracted, repulsed or attached.
The Awareness is like the sky, ever free.
The Awareness is the silent, shining space, in which the whole universe comes and goes.”


“Our position is in the Center, but our attention is in the circumference.
Our position is in the Heart, but our attention is in the world.
And because our attention is always somewhere else,
we do not know where we are standing.
We do not know our own Being.
We do not know who we are.”


Why do you struggle so much to change or improve something that you are not?
Why don’t you struggle instead to know your own Self?
For, as soon as you know That, all struggling finishes for ever!”


“When you are Nothing, you can be anything.
When you are Nothing you are free.
When you are Nothing you have no boundaries – you are qualified for Infinity.”


“In order to be full-filled, one needs to empty one’s Self.”


“Don’t pray for that which you cannot keep.
Pray for That which you cannot lose.”


“The spiritual man is like a bee, intoxicated with the honey of his own Being.”