Life is One

manifesting Itself in many forms.
You are that Life.


Knowing Oneness is
knowing the Self

Knowing the Self is
knowing Oneness

Kindness is the sacred water
that washes away all obstacles from Self-Realization


Within all fleeting experiences
there is one constant entity
That is You


Empty yourself from the world
and stay in the fullness of your




Originally born in Greece, Om Baba feels his life began on a blessed day in November of 2002, when he met his Master, the great sage Shri Saccha Baba Maharaj.

He describes that experience as: “My own true Self revealed Himself to me through a human form of indescribable beauty – the form of my Guru.

”Shortly after meeting with his Master, Om Baba clearly realized the meaningless, evanescent nature of the world. He cut off all bonds with his past life and dedicated himself – body, mind and spirit – to the quest for the Truth. Saccha Baba initiated him in the order of Sannyasins, and asked him to embrace a silent and reclusive life.

For seven years he stayed in silence and seclusion and being free from all distractions he dived deeply in the traditional Yogic practices and in the study of the scriptures. He practiced with great enthusiasm and sincerity the four main paths of Yoga; Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Ghyan Yoga and reached to the clear conclusion that all these paths are “genuine highways to the Truth”.

After nine years of intense practice and service to his Master, Om Baba felt that his time of seclusion has been completed, and the time has come to share his realization. The great Saccha Baba inspired him to do so and blessed him. A little time later, the great sage left His mortal frame.

In 2012 Om Baba started travelling extensively to Europe and Asia, sharing Satsangs and Kirtans, as well as silent Retreats.

His vision and mission is to share his living experience of Oneness, and help everybody to realize their highest potential as conscious beings.

He does so directly, through his own presence and living example – as well as indirectly, by guiding us through many traditional practices.

Om Baba has himself followed extensively all four main paths of Yoga, and his practical teachings are composed of a synthesis of these.

His great Love for Vedanta is beautifully complemented by his Love for Kirtan and music.

He inspires us to keep always a playful and cheerful attitude – since Life is nothing but the play of our true Self – while, at the same time, he ever stretches the importance of self-discipline, as a necessary means of spiritual growth.

Again, Karma Yoga, or selfless service, is a vital part of his teachings, as the highest means to free ourselves from the bondage of the ego. In this manner, using so many different approaches, he guides us and supports us to realize the Truth of our Being – to realize our highest potential and fulfil our purpose as conscious Beings.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti